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About Us


Grandfather Clocks

I repair most clocks, but  specialize in grandfather or tall case clocks. To service a grandfather clock, we go to the clock. See details below.


Almost 50 Years of Experience

I starting repairing clocks in 1971 in Mississippi. After Hurricane Katrina forced me to move from the area in 2005, I moved my shop to Carrollton to be closer to my children.  My son has his own shop in Mississippi and my daughter helps me in my shop.


We Repair All Kinds of Clocks

Wall clocks, mantle clocks, regulators, wind-up clocks, weight clocks, anniversary clocks, Tubular Clocks, Westminster clocks, striking clocks, chiming clocks, novelty clocks




Repair Services

  • Free Estimates
  • Clean and Oil
  • Manufacture missing parts
  • Replace missing parts (hands, dials, pendulums, weights, suspension springs, glass, cables, keys)
  • Bush worn pivot holes
  • Repair/replace broken gears and levers
  • Provide operational and care instructions

HOUSE CALLS – I go to the grandfather clock. If I am unable repair the problem at your house, then it is necessary to remove the movement and take it to my shop. In my shop, I will clean the clock mechanism, repair any malfunctions, and place the movement on a test stand for testing and regulating. After repairing your clock, I will return the movement to the clock case at your house.

ALL WORK GUARANTEED – All my work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. My typical turn-around time to repair grandfather clocks is approximately three weeks. If I have to order parts, it may take a few days more. After repairing the clock, I run the clock from my test stand to regulate the clock for accuracy, which usually about a week

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